Translation Services

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Translation Services

a) Multilingual translations

b) Translation on the following documents:

  • Identity card / Passport /Driving License
  • Birth Certificate/ Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate /Divorce Agreement
  • Graduation Certificate /Transcript of result/Employment Certificate / Tax documents
  • Court documents /Police/Public Security Statements
  • Business Letters / Business Registration
  • Minutes of Meeting/ Articles of Association
  • Medical Reports /Research Report /Academic articles 
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Instruction Booklet / Poster / Operation Manual
  • Certifying documents
  • Migration Notarization

c) We have a panel of professional translators specialized in various fields, who can provide translations tailored to the clients’ needs. Translated texts are vetted and proof read to ensure accuracy, reliability and grammatical flow.



a) 多国语言翻译

b) 翻译文件类型

    • 身份证 /护照/ 驾驶执照
    • 出生/死亡证明书
    • 结婚证书 /离婚协议书
    • 毕业证书/成绩单/在职证明书/税单
    • 法庭诉讼案/警察/公安供词
    • 公司章程/商业书信/契约/
    • 会议记录 /工商登记
    • 医学报告/研究报告 / 学术论文
    • 说明书 / 海报 / 操作手册
    • 证明文件
    • 移民公证

c) 本社翻译有遍及各领域长期配合的专业译者,各有专攻的翻译领域,高度配合客户需求来完成翻译文件,文件完成后另有校对专员为您文件做最后的审核和评估,确保翻译品质和作最完美的把关。