Notarization and Certification (Authentication) Services

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Notarization and Certification Services

  • Notarization and certification of multilingual translations.
  • Application for notarization and certification (Authentication) of documents at Malaysia Foreign Ministry and Embassies in Malaysia。
  • We provide our services at a reasonable cost to save your time for travelling and queuing up, and the hassle and cost of travelling from outstation/overseas.
  • Notarized or certified documents can be posted or collected in person.


  • 提供各国语言翻译公证认证服务。
  • 专办外交部文件认证、各国大使馆文件认证代办。
  • 代办经验丰富、负责、价格合理为您代办各项公证认证服务,节省您出门排队办理时间或从外地/外国特地赶来办理。如有任何疑问可代为咨询。
  • 代办公证文件办妥后,邮寄或亲自到本社即可。