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Others Services

  • Local / Foreign Marriage Consultation
  • Tourist Visa applications/Business Visa
  • Resident Pass/ Work Permit
  • Police Criminal Record/Single Status Certificate
  • Will-Writing /Property Transfer Letter /Tenancy Agreement/Sale and Purchase/Contract/Agreement/Statutory Declaration


  • 本国 / 外国婚姻咨询
  • 各国大使馆旅游/商业签证
  • 居留/工作签证
  • 良民证/单身证
  • 法律文件宣誓
  • 拟遗嘱 /产业转让书 / 租约/买卖合同/协议书

Marriage with Foreigners 与外国人结婚

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Marriage with Foreigners 与外国人结婚

  • 请咨询 Ms.Lee 019-3532461 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 护照 passport
  • 马来西亚身份证 I/C
  • 婚姻状况 marital status certificate

Remark: If divorce ,widow or with illegitimate child or others, please contact or email further info. 

Other Related Services

  • 国际结婚证书 International marriage cert endorsement.
  • 外语翻译 Foreign translation.
  • 居留/工作签证 Spouse VISA/Working permit
  • 良民证/单身证 Good conduct/Single status certificate
  • 法律文件宣誓 Statutory Declaration
  • 协议书 Drafting Agreement
  • 文件认证 Authentication document


1.    请问可以知道我家/工作地方附近有JPN(国家登记局)?
May I know the nearest JPN around my house or working place?

2.    请问可以知道我家/工作地方附近有受政府委任的宣誓官?
May I know the nearest Commission for Oath around my house or working place?

3.    如果双方马来西亚是非回教公民,可以去哪里申请注册?
If both of Non-Muslim Malaysian, where can I go for register marriage?

4.    如果双方马来西亚是非回教公民,持不同州属身份证,该怎么办?
How about if both of Non-Muslim Malaysian, holding different state of Identity Card?

5.    如果女方满16岁,但不足18岁,该怎么办?
How about if female has reached the age 16, but below the age 18?

6.    如果女方足18岁,但不足21岁,该怎么办?
How about if female has reached the age 18, but below the age 21?

7.    如果男方满16岁,但不足18岁,该怎么办?
How about if male has reached the age 16, but below the age 18?

8.    如果男方足18岁,但不足21岁,该怎么办?
How about if male has reached the age 18, but below the age 21?

9.    如果法定年龄所规定“同意书”之签署人(父母)已离异,失踪该怎么办?
How about if you are legal age required “license” undersigned by parent had been divorced, missing? 

10.    如果男女双方都达成年21岁,需要证婚人吗?
If he/she have attained the age 21, need witnesses?

11.    如果申请者当中,曾离婚该怎么办?
How about if applicant which had divorced?

12.    如果申请者当中,曾丧偶该怎么办?
How about if applicant which had widowed?

13.    如果申请者当中,不曾注册结婚,但是已经“合法”为人父母,该怎么办?
How about if applicant which did not register of marriage, but had been “legal” parent?

14.    如果申请者当中,担任国家纪律部队公务员,例如:警察,军人该怎么办?
How about if applicant as a disciplined team such as policeman, army?

15.    如果双方已经于01/03/1982前正式结婚该怎么办?
How about he/she had been registered marriage before 01/03/1982?

Bigamy 重婚

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Any married person regardless of male or female, if his/her marriage is still valid and his / her spouse is still alive and if he/she has married with another person within or outside Malaysia , he/she has committed bigamy.

According to Section 494 of the Penal Code: If found guilty, a bigamist shall be sentenced to imprisonment up to 7 years and fine.

The second marriage is invalid. If the bigamist is a male, the second woman he had married is not his lawful wife. In view of this, if the said man dies without a will, the second woman has no right to inherit his properties. But it is provided under the law that the second wife can ask for maintenance for her children from the said man.

Bigamy is an irresponsible act. It is also a serious crime. Therefore, it is not accepted and recognized by law.

If a married person, particularly a married man conceals the truth and marries another woman thus misleading the woman to believe that she is a lawful wife, marry him, cohabit with him and have sex with him, it is cheating. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to imprisonment up to 10 years and fine under Section 493 and 495 of the Penal Code. If the second wife gives birth to children, her children will be illegitimate children. They will have no legal status and the real father has no legal right over the children. Custody will be given to the mother.

Hence, any married persons who wish to marry again must make sure that their present marriage is invalid or their spouses had already away to avoid committing bigamy.










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Translation Services

a) Multilingual translations

b) Translation on the following documents:

  • Identity card / Passport /Driving License
  • Birth Certificate/ Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate /Divorce Agreement
  • Graduation Certificate /Transcript of result/Employment Certificate / Tax documents
  • Court documents /Police/Public Security Statements
  • Business Letters / Business Registration
  • Minutes of Meeting/ Articles of Association
  • Medical Reports /Research Report /Academic articles 
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Instruction Booklet / Poster / Operation Manual
  • Certifying documents
  • Migration Notarization

c) We have a panel of professional translators specialized in various fields, who can provide translations tailored to the clients’ needs. Translated texts are vetted and proof read to ensure accuracy, reliability and grammatical flow.



a) 多国语言翻译

b) 翻译文件类型

    • 身份证 /护照/ 驾驶执照
    • 出生/死亡证明书
    • 结婚证书 /离婚协议书
    • 毕业证书/成绩单/在职证明书/税单
    • 法庭诉讼案/警察/公安供词
    • 公司章程/商业书信/契约/
    • 会议记录 /工商登记
    • 医学报告/研究报告 / 学术论文
    • 说明书 / 海报 / 操作手册
    • 证明文件
    • 移民公证

c) 本社翻译有遍及各领域长期配合的专业译者,各有专攻的翻译领域,高度配合客户需求来完成翻译文件,文件完成后另有校对专员为您文件做最后的审核和评估,确保翻译品质和作最完美的把关。